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Reflection 13

on December 15, 2013

Blog 13

Last Reflection?


            This class has felt like two different classes. It began with how to increase engagement through production and performance of lesson plans to the use of social media. Moreover weaved in the mix a research project about mentoring someone with technology. What a journey.

            I enjoyed reading Teach Like a Pirate. I teach a lot of direct instruction programs so theatrical are not a big part of instruction. However, I inspired to use some fun ideas to make the program fun. I bought some echo microphones for the kids to use for practicing saying words. I bought light pointers for students to track suing a fun tool. These ideas helped to break up the routine of direct instruction while keeping the routine the same. We continue to use these tools and I am always on the lookout for new ideas.

            The book A New Culture of Learning was interesting but hard to fully picture how to construct a classroom that engages students so they are learning the curriculum by their own choosing. I do not know many adults who do this. On the other hand, I use technology in my classroom in every subject. It helps immensely to keep kids engaged in the lesson. It is also a better way for students to practice skills. My next adventure is to team up with a regular ed. Teacher and introduce Gaggle. I will use some of the ideas from this book to help create this community of learning.

            All the different technology that this class has used has been challenging. I have used blogs before so that one was not too bad. I have never liked Twitter. I still do not like using Twitter. It just does not match my learning style. I also do not like the way Live Text is set up. This class had too many places that you had to hand in your assignments. I found the blog was fine for me to locate all the information I needed. Additionally, responding to ten other people was time consuming. If we were broken into small groups I think I would have been able to give better feedback. It would have built a better learning community. Although I did like to see how everyone set up their blogs. That was fun.

            The Mentoring Research Project was okay. I like to teach and support people when they are learning new things. I was able to reflect about what makes a good mentor and apply them when working with Kelleigh. I have learned a lot and will apply my what I have learned when teaching someone else.

            All in all it has been a good class. I have learn what I like and what I do not like. I learned things about myself I did not know. I have enjoyed reading other people’s ideas and interest. It has been a worthwhile semester. 


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