Margo's World with Leadership In Educational Technology

An adventure of leading and learning technology simultaneously


on November 25, 2013

It was interesting reading about all the different projects. It looks like they have all gone great. I really liked Amber’s idea of surveying the students how they liked using the technology. It has given me the idea of asking my students if the tutoring program mobymax has enhanced there math learning. Christine has experienced how mentoring can open up dialogue. It sounds like they have a good working relation. I work with a teacher I think I can improve our working relation with some mentoring. Ginger gave me some great feedback on how to write up my paper to look better. 

I shared some ideas with my peers to reflect how they are coming along with their project. I looked through some of the suggested websites and gave some feedback on ideas about them. 

I will finish my mentor project paper next and put together the powerpoint for the presentation. 


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