Margo's World with Leadership In Educational Technology

An adventure of leading and learning technology simultaneously

Blog #11 Reflection

on November 18, 2013

It was interesting taking the time to reflect how I use technology for myself and my students. I find that I have embraced technology and use it more and more in my classroom. Technology has enabled my to become more of a facilitator of learning instead of a provider of information to memorize and use. I am more excited to be a teacher today than any other time. 

I learned from other blogs about the importance of being resilient  from Ginger with teaching and learning. From Heather the importance of jumping in and not letting fear stop you from learning new things.  Ginger also gave me wonderful feedback about how to make my blog posting even better. I will use them. 

I shared with others my ideas of how the future of technology may look in our classrooms. Its a whole new way of interacting with technology. I look forward to it. Games from xbox and playstation lead the way of advancing interactive games. The technology they create will filter into our online games. It will be fun. 


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