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Blog #9

on November 4, 2013

Blog # 9

Essential Question: What are the challenges in shifting content from “what” to “where” and “how”?

I am not sure I understand the whole what to where concept. From what I gather it is not so much what you are learning as to where you gather the information and how you apply the information. The how is how do you learn the information. Instead of being fed you discover through other sources.

The challenge is to set up an environment which allows students to learn the core standards while students explore many avenues to learn. Todays world promotes a variety of ways to learn. New sources pop up on a daily basis. The change is exciting but difficult to keep up. While I work with teachers and students we use the internet to look up information for reports, play online games for additional practice, and save out information via jump drives, drop box, and others. We continue to expand this way of learning by the use of moviemaker, gaggle, and edmodo. It is difficult to keep up with the changes. Thankfully students take the technology like a duck to water.


There multiple ways to learn new information about you field of interest The site offers on online classes for teachers and individuals who might want to pursue the field of teaching. It is yet another avenue for learning as a community that is different from the traditional format. The best is that the classes are free. ITunes offers online college classes for free. The internet grows on a daily basis. It makes me wonder if college will not be the only track to a professional field. 


One response to “Blog #9

  1. karenr918 says:

    Margo, I think you answered your own question in your first paragraph. The how is how to apply what you learned rather than how to find more ways of learning. I thought about this a lot before I posted my blog. It is a very complex question and there are many challenges to getting there. We are being pushed away from using material that thinks for students and asks them to choose a correct response and toward pushing students to come up with the questions and the right responses to their own questions. That’s not something you teach. That is something you model. The problem is that we are being asked to model something we have never been trained to do.

    Funny you came across the iTunes site. I did also. Great minds think alike!

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