Margo's World with Leadership In Educational Technology

An adventure of leading and learning technology simultaneously

Sunday Reflection

on September 30, 2013

What great mentoring projects. I learned much just reading all the different ideas. I noticed Johnathan and I both have student teachers. As a host teacher you want to mentor as much information and experience possible before they head out on their own. I have planned the three top technology programs I use on a regular basis, but there are so many more. So many classmates are working with their friends or peers which is wonderful. The research article I read stated peers sharing their knowledge in small or individual coaching was the most successful when implementing technology. Ginger is going to have her peer’s website a functional tool. She has helped me with my website for my portfolio, and I am very grateful. Andrea has a great idea of co mentoring ipad use in the classroom. I shared some of my favorite apps that I use in my classroom. I also got the website of 55 best educational free ipad apps from Amber. I am excited to check that out. Christine and I are both teaching how to use aimsweb. This is a great internet program for tracking student progress. I am glad our district is using it. I hope Ava chooses to use google docs for her mentoring project. I have been using google docs for a few years now and it made sharing information from place to place so much easier. I am looking forward to reading about the results of all the projects. 


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