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on September 29, 2013



For the Technology Mentor Project I will work with my student teacher. There are a handful of computer programs she needs to be able to navigate as a special education teacher. We will start with the AIMS program. My district uses aimsweb to level and progress monitor students in reading and mathematics. Simultaneously, I will show her how I implement and customize an internet based tutoring program, Mobymax, to support individual student mathematics skill building. Iplan is the special education internet based program we use to input our Individual Education Plans (IEPs). We will complete three annual reviews and one three year reevaluation in order to teach her how to use the program. The student teacher will have a strong knowledge of programs to use in her classroom next year.

After reading the article Mentoring and Coaching for Effective Tech Integration by Mary Beth Hertz, I understood the difference between mentoring and coaching. I will  play both the role of mentor and coach for this study. As a mentor I will introduce and share my technology knowledge and  ideas with my student teacher. As a coach I will not only introduce, but I will also guide and teach her the implementation and use of three different programs used in our district. This will be of great use for her when she is teaching next year.

Research has shown trends that are part of a successful mentor/ mentee relationship. The pair should set goals and have a vision of the technology the person wants and needs to learn. Individualize the instruction to meet the person’s current level of knowledge and skill of the technology. Open communication without evaluation in order to promote collaboration and growth. I have incorporated these elements into my plan.



Timeline and Plan Oct. 1st – Dec. 19th

Oct. 1st.

Introduce AIMSWEB.

  • Walk through the program components.
  • Assess students using the mathematics Concept and Application (CAP) and Computation (COMP) assessment with students.
  • Evaluate and input data into the AIMSWEB data system
  • Walk through the progress graphs


  • Walk through the program components
  • Review system of implementation.
    • Students work on Mobymax and go through the program until they are not able to complete a task with the programs support.
    • Note the skill.
    • Teach the skill one to one or small group using multiple methods
    • Once students demonstrate the skill, student return to mobymax to complete the assignment.
    • Students continue until they reach another skill they need additional instruction.
    • Review program reports and graphs to note progress

Oct. 3rd.


  • Review program components
  • Student teacher observes the completion of a three year reevaluation paperwork.


  • Continue assessing students and implementing data


  • Continue to observe and instruct students. Review program data.

This procedure will be used through December when her student teaching is completed.

Data Collection

  • Journal: both the student teacher and myself will keep a basic journal.
    • Skill introduced and implemented
    • Was the information clear and helpful
    • Results of the implementation
    • Pre/Post survey of what is known at the beginning and what was learned
    • Goal setting by the student and host teacher at the beginning
    • Goal setting: were the goals met.




Eutopia, Mentoring and Coaching for Effective Tech Intergration, (Nov. 2011) Mary Beth Hertz

Pulic state education, Faculty Technology Mentoring Programs: Major Trends in the Literature, (2001) Hsueh-Hua Chuang, Ann Thompson, Denise Schmidt.

Sacramento State Center for Teaching and Learning, Faculty Mentoring Faculty Using Technology(2013), Diego Bonilla


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  1. hmdavis2013 says:

    I read the same article, and also agreed that we will be both mentors and coaches throughout this project. I notice you are like me in that you have some specific plans for the beginning of the process, but have not detailed out the whole project yet. I feel that is good since things may go better than we hope or there may be something that we need to spend more time on than planned.

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