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on September 14, 2013

Essential Question:  How do we keep our lessons engaging? Does innovation play a part in this?

As I read the second part of Teaching Like a Pirate, I am inspired to take my direct instruction program and change the presentations while still keeping the lesson format. Innovation will definitely play a big role when creating different and creative ways to make the lesson engaging. Some of my ideas are to pair students and let them teach each other, make cards and turn it into a game of some sorts, or change the environment with lighting, music, or arrangement of furniture for a novel feel. My goal is to change the direct lesson from something to get through to a shared learning experience.

Corrective Reading uses repeated patterns to teach the word attack skills. My plan is to teach students the procedures, and then let them pair up and take turns as the teacher. There might be four parts of the word work section of the lesson. One student would be the teacher and their partner the student for part one. Then they would switch roles and the other would be the teacher for part two of the word work. They would go on switching for each part until the word work was complete. Kids love being the teacher.

Games are a great way to make a lesson interactive. One word work skill Corrective Reading uses is to say the sound and then the word. I can make sound cards and have the students match the sound cards with the word as we are going through the lesson. So instead of the student book with all the words laid out for them they would have to use the mixed up word cards to lay out the words in the lesson as we go through the lesson. It would be a puzzle of sorts. They could be in pairs in order to support each other and build class community. Then they could see how well they did on the challenge when they compare their book’s layout to their own.  

Another Pirate inspiration idea is to change the environment of the lesson.  We will turn off all the lights and use little flash lights to see our books during the lesson. I am going to buy those echo microphones and do the lesson speaking into them. Once in a while the class will go down to the library or some other place and have the lesson there. We will have an important experiment about using different kinds of background music best to determine the best kind of music to enhance the ability to stay focused on the lesson. I will have a form they can fill out.  I have started a list using my iPhone app to keep track of ideas that pop into my head of the different ideas.


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  1. hmdavis2013 says:

    Those are some really fun ideas. I imagine the students will love reading with flashlights and the echo microphones. Have you ever heard of a toobaloo? They are little devices that the children can read softly into and hear themselves clearly. Those would be fun when they are working independently.

    I love the idea of music. One of my children’s teachers played Enya for them them they were working and when I played it at home, she said, “Oh, that’s our SMART music.” I loved it, and what a difference something like that can make in the classroom.

  2. akteacher3 says:

    Great ideas! I like how you are keeping a list on your Iphone. This will help ensure that you don’t lose any of those great ideas. I am a list person. I have lists for everything and anything, so this is something I will start doing as well when ideas pop into my head. I am also glad you shared your ideas about making Corrective Reading engaging. We also use Corrective Reading in our district.

  3. Margo, you have some great ideas to spice up Corrective Reading! The direct instruction you have to do with your small groups is necessary and effective for your students, but I can see where the fun and excitement are difficult to get with scripted programs. Kudos to you for coming up with ways to energize the learning!

  4. Margo, they I sound like great ideas. Let me know how it works for you. I am wondering how to manage something like that. I have B1 and B2 going on at the same time in my room. Kind of tricky. I wonder if I can make it work in my room. Keep me posted!

  5. debtaylorak says:

    I really like your idea of letting the students pair up and take turns being the teacher. The fastest way to learn something is to do so to teach it to others. This will keep the students motivated and engaged. We have a teacher in our building who has students teach one another how to do something ( cook rice and beans, sew an apron, etc.) the students write out the directions, bring in the supplies, and every student must teach something to others. It is a huge success!
    Love your idea.

  6. IT looks like you are definitely on the right track!! I think the flashlight idea and some of the others will go over big. Love hearing how you are applying the ideas from the book!

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